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Welcome to crossworlds gallery blog

Dear artists and friends of crossworlds gallery. This is our new blog where you can find news from our artists showing their phantastic art at crossworlds gallery in Second life, the metaverse of linden labs.

Soon Crossworlds Gallery will close its doors in Secondlife because of Tier-Financing Reasons. We´re sorry about that, but it seams to be, there is no substainable concept to finance art in Secondlife. And Linden Lab is not interested at all to support projects like Crossworlds Gallery.

But: We made a copy of the whole SIM and it will soon comes up alive in OpenSimmulator.

And: We want to keep in touch with you to tell you, when it will start and how to get access.  So please fill out the following Form, that we are able to contact you very soon.

Yours, Nerd Bert (nerd.bert at and Fabilene Cortes

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